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Nutrition Club

With a growing number of children developing negative associations with food, whether that be eating the wrong types, too much or too little; it’s important that they have an early understanding of how to make good choices for their health now and into the future.

Our nutrition club usually works alongside our Multisports Club lunchtime club which entails a group of children learning about the importance of nutrition for half the session and the importance of exercise for the other half which dovetails nicely into physical activities.

The children gain an understanding of different food groups, adequate portion sizes, foods containing good nutritional value and those that are empty.  We encourage food tasting; trying new and exciting foods; some personal challenges and exploring individual likes and dislikes.  This is all wrapped up in games, quizzes, discussions and of course lots of fun.

The emphasis is for the children to gain enough understanding to make good choices and to view food, sleep and hydration as fuel for healthy bodies.