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Lunchtime Sports Supervisors

Lunchtime play can be a problematic time for children as they are outside the normal classroom environment and are more vulnerable.  Problems are especially likely when children are not actively involved in a task, activity or game.

A great way to tackle this problem and also to increase the amount of dwindling physical activity time for children is to provide structured games.

At KO Sport we provide a seasoned coach to provide fully supervised physical games on the playground or space provided.  The coach understands the dynamics of the playground in that the children absolutely must be having fun; the competitive level is balanced to suit the group and tackling unacceptable behaviour is within school guidelines and policies.

This has proven very successful and diminished lunchtime incidents significantly.

Should the weather be inclement, our sports coach adapts to provide indoor activities in limited space, with or without apparatus.

Please get in touch for further information.