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Fitness Class Prices & Membership

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KO Sport Fitness
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Prices & Membership
Where We Workout
- 20/20/20 Classes
- Core Stability Classes
- Body Sculpt Classes
- Functional Fitness 50+ Classes
- Gentle Circuits
- Iron Pump New for 2018
- Lower Back Pain Clinic New for 2018
- Low Impact HIIT
- Men's Fit for Life Classes
- Salsa Classes
- Elements of Tai Chi & Yoga New for 2018
- Zumba Classes
- Personal Training
- GP Referral Personal Training
- Body Beautiful Programme
- Roller Skating Discos

Fitness Class Prices | Full Membership

All class price details below.

No matter what your level of fitness, our classes offer something for everyone. We also apply the same principles to payment.

Day Time Class Name Location Cost
Sat 9.30am Zumba PVH £5 PAYG
Mon 10.30am 50+ Functional Fitness PVH £4.50 PAYG
Mon 6.15pm Core Stability St Barnabas £20 for 4 Weeks *
Mon 7.10pm Low Impact HIIT St Barnabas £16 for 4 Weeks *
Tues 10.00am Salsa Senoritas PVH £5 PAYG
Tues 11.15am Iron Pump PVH £14 for 4 Weeks *
Tues 3.00pm Men's Fit for Life Scout Hut Bromsgrove £5 PAYG
Tues 6.00pm Iron Pump PVH £20 for 4 Weeks *
Wed 10.00am Gentle Circuits PVH £16 for 4 Weeks *
Wed 6.00pm Low Impact HIIT St Barnabas £16 for 4 Weeks *
Wed 6.35pm Body Sculpt St Barnabas £18 for 4 Weeks *
Wed 7.30pm Lower Back Pain Clinic St Barnabas £36/16 for 4 Weeks *
Thurs 10.00am Elements of Tai Chi & Yoga PVH £2 PAYG
Thurs 6.00pm Core Stability St Barnabas £20 for 4 Weeks *
Thurs 7.30pm 20/20/20 PVH £5 PAYG

PAYG (Pay As You Go)

Certain classes just turn up and pay on the door or use your punchcard.

* Pre-Payment

Due to smaller venues certain classes require payment up front in order to secure your space on the class. For members you will just need to let Olivia or Kate know that you want a space at a particular class, email membership@kosport.co.uk


You are still able to purchase a 10 week punchcard at £40, which will give you access to the pay as you go classes. Link is here.

KO Sport Full Membership

For full access to all KO Sport classes, we offer a monthly membership of £35, to be received by KO Sport on the 1st of each month. Once received, you will have access for the month, up to and including the last day of the month. If you're attending two or more classes per month, this is your best financial option.

If you would like to take up class membership please set up a standing order for £35 to be received on the 1st of each month to:

KO Sport
Account Number: 60017965
Sort Code: 40-36-46
Reference: Your Name

Please email membership@kosport.co.uk with your name to let us know you have set this up.